The Niche

We’re an award winning independent restaurant beautifully situated at Irvine harbour, Ayrshire. We’re known for our exceptional quality in food & customer service.


Treated to a lovely lunch today, amazing tasty food, great food choices , excellent service, staff are very friendly.

Karen Fleming

Always friendly smiles, always helpful and the food just tops it up!!!!Coming from a different country myself and very new to hospitality businesses here. Tried quite a few and The Niche is the best!!!

Johan Grey Ling

Very good menu plenty of options service was quick and easy they do specials like 2 for 1 burgers the whole place had a cosy feel I would highly recommend the Niche.

John Darnbrough

love our cheesecake?

Our MASSIVE homemade Cheesecakes are available to order for pick up. We get 12 very generous slices out of ours, but that depends who is doing the cutting.